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Community Video
by Bob Georgeson
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a film by bob georgeson : soundscape by emptywhale more information about the artist can be found at:
Topics: bob georgeson, anonymous waves, emptywhale, video art, visual poetry, dark ambient, soundscapes
KMVT15 Silicon Valley Community Media
by KMVT15 Community Media
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One of Silicon's Valley's most famous entrepreneurs weighs in on the risks and rewards of artificial intelligence.This program was aired on KMVT15 Community Media.
Topics: California, Mountain View, KMVT15 Community Media, Public Access TV, Community Media, PEG, Youtube,...
by Montie Taylor Miles III
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From the album "Decades". I was a locomotive engineer for U S Steel for a while... thus this little ditty. Train by Montie Taylor Miles III 1978 One hundred tons of screamin' steel twenty four cars and ninety-nine wheels. I'm ridin' that train to the end of the line. Railroad's takin' up all of my time. I'm ridin' the train... I'm ridin' the train...
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Topics: original, music, song, blues, acoustic